Microsoft 365 dashboard

Microsoft 365 dashboard

Viewing the Microsoft 365 dashboard

The Microsoft 365 section allows viewing the statistics of the Microsoft 365 backup statuses. Each user has its own dashboard.
To reach the dashboard open the Microsoft 365 tab.

Choosing Microsoft 365 tab

Click Manage & Restore button on the Microsoft 365 view.

Viewing the organization

All users from the organization are displayed on the list. Click ( i ) User details icon.

Entering user's dashboard

The user's dashboard is displayed. The dashboard allows to:
  1. Check the last backup status,
Checking the last backup status
  1. View logs for the current user,
Viewing logs for the current user

  1. Check the storage usage of the current user,
Checking the storage usage

  1. View the list of backup plans and their last statuses,
Viewing the list of backup plans and their last statuses

  1. Manually start the backup,
Manually starting the backup

  1. View the statistics of performed backups in the calendar view.
Viewing the statistics in the calendar view

  1. View recent notifications
Viewing recent notifications

See all notifications link opens in the main window the list of logs for the user.

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