Overview & requirements

Overview & requirements

In this article, you will get general information about replication in Xopero ONE

Overview & requirements

Replication is available on the left side of the application - under the Plans.

The main idea of the replication is to allow Xopero ONE users to implement the Backup 3+2+1 rule and increase the data safety level.
To create a replication plan all you need to do is to set the storages

Storages in replication plan

and configure a simple scheduler.

Scheduler in replication plan

To create a replication plan you need at least two storages:
  1. Source storage - with data to replicate on the second storage
  2. Target storage - the place, where the data should be replicated.

The target storage needs to be empty, to be available as a target storage in the replication window. If on the storage (which you want to use as a target storage) exists some data - it will be unavailable in the target storage list.

If you back up the data locally and use Xopero Storage (Xopero Cloud) as a target storage during the creation of the replication plan, you will implement 3+2+1 Backup Rule.

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