Prerequisites & requirements

Prerequisites & requirements

This article contains information about VMware Prerequisites & requirements

Prerequisites & requirements

VMware version

To use all the VMware functionalities (for example: advanced, lan-free transport methods), Xopero ONE requires VMware 6.7 and upper.


Xopero ONE requires any commercial license.

ESXi or vSphere?

Xopero ONE can work with ESXi and vSphere. But, if you use vSphere, connect Xopero ONE to vSphere server, instead of ESXi host. Connecting VMware to the ESXi host if the vSphere server is active, may generate issues with performing backup tasks.

Do I have to install Virtual Appliance?

Installing Virtual Appliance is not obligatory. You can protect your infrastructure without Virtual Appliance installed, but VA deploying is fully recommended.

See also article related to the Virtual Appliance - overview and deployment

What permissions do I need to connect VMware with Xopero ONE?

To connect VMware to Xopero ONE you need VMware administrative account.

This is good practice to create additional VMware user dedicated to the backup tasks.

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