Required permissions for Bitbucket DC users

Required permissions for Bitbucket DC users

This manual contains details about required user permissions to perform the backup and restore process of Bitbucket Data Center repositories.

User permissions

The permissions can be approached in three different ways in the case of Bitbucket DC, all of them are proper to use.
  • Global permissions
The user account that will be used to connect Bitbucket Data Center with Xopero ONE needs to be the Administrator at least.
Using global permissions will allow you to simply protect all the repositories available on your Bitbucket Data Center.
  1. Project permissions
Instead of using Global permissions, you can also assign Write on Project permissions to a user account that will connect your Bitbucket Data Center to Xopero ONE.
Using this way the application will synchronize only repositories from specific projects.
  • Repository permissions
You can also configure the repository permissions for each repository individually.
- Read permission will be enough to perform the backup, but it will not allow you to restore the repositories to your Bitbucket Data Center server.
- Write permission will allow you to do both operations: backup and a restore.

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